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Roheline pehme täring 300mm

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Material Description:
Soft, light, easy-grip
-Minimal risk of injury
-High elasticity and shape stability

Soft polyurethane foams are encountered in every-day life. They find their main application in the manufacture of upholstered furniture and mattresses. All foams we use meet the Oeko Tex Standard 100, class 1. 

Our products are made of large foam blocks. Therefore, our soft balls, unlike foam formed balls, have a very even bounce, which is essential for learning ball games. We use foams with different weights and degrees of hardness, so we achieve a differential bounce ability (from low to very high bounce).

Polyurethane coating
-Closed surface
-Very durable, can be washed and disinfected

ELE’Elefantenhaut® retains the character of the products made of soft foam to a great extent (softness, elasticity and textured surface). The coating is very durable and extends the life of the products. The coated product can be washed and disinfected with commercially available disinfectants.

Special Impregnation:
Polyurethane impregnation
-Open-cell structure
-Easy-grip surface

Open-cell coating Special Impregnation is a coating that allows us to refine our products in a way that the open-cell structure of the surface which is so typical for soft polyurethane foam remains intact.


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Roheline pehme täring 300mm

Roheline pehme täring 300mm

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